Visual Identity / Branding

Ayatori Museum

Year: 2022
Art Direction & Graphic Design: Dsuy
Copywriter: Huyen Ta 

Ayatori (aka Cat’s Cradle) is a Japanese originated games. With just a string and creative minds, a variety of shapes and figures were created within the graceful movements of our fingers. It was this one simple rule of Ayatori that inspired a flexible visual system for the creation of Ayatori Museum’s brand identity. All strings attached - when contemporary ideas and traditional values walk side by side through the flow of time, older generations and younger ones are in conversations for the sake of ancient wisdom and when different cultures all over the world acculturate without assimilating.

Globalisation has always been one double-side sword to the preservation of culture. On one hand, acculturation certainly enriches our world in the most fascinating ways by making everything so accessible. However, when so many culture start to intertwine, the question of the century arises “What to integrate and what to keep to ourselves?”. 
With an exorbitant rate of globalisation both economically and culturally, soon will come the day when we can barely recognise the distinctiveness in different cultures like they once were. The goal is always to be more diverse, not to assimilate