Visual Identity / Branding

DsAI Typeface Collection

Year: 2023
Art Direction & Graphic Design: Dsuy

"Can AI replace us in the future?"
"How might AI change the way we design?"
"How can we collaborate efficiently with AI?"
These are the questions that arise with the new development of AI tools. The DsAI Collection features six typefaces combining human creativity and artificial intelligence (AI). This project can show how AI should be used as an assistive tool to facilitate the work process while preserving fundamental ideas.

With the help of AI, the visualization of two or more different fonts can be easily generated within a minute. The results are astonishing that AI can detect some characteristics of these typefaces and then translate them into different possibilities. But also, the results break out the basic rule of type design.
The experimental process and meticulousness in creativity should always be enhanced. AI should be a great assistive tool for creatives to achieve more, not replace creative production progress.